Virtualisasion of Mobile Core Network by Cloudlet Communication

Ardian, Ulvan and Robert, Bestak and Davina, Olivia and Melvi, Ulvan and Gigih, Forda Nama (2014) Virtualisasion of Mobile Core Network by Cloudlet Communication. In: NAEC 2014.


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In this paper, a design of network virtualization is built from the end-user to the core network, which includes all the functionality of the network elements. The LTE is assumed as the main core network system, while the 2G/3G/4G systems are as client stations. Testing, measurement and performance analysis are done by developing a testbed of cloud network in the LAN where the access rate is up to 100 Mbps. Subsequently, the traffic loads of 0 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 75 Mbps, and 100 Mbps, based on TCP and UDP transport protocols, are generated into the testbed. All elements of the EPC-LTE on this testbed (i.e., HSS, MME, S-GW, P-GW and PCRF) are logically separated from one another in the cloud. Two parameters of Quality of Service (QoS), i.e., jitter and delay, are used as a performance parameter. QoS measurement is performed with two service scenarios, i.e., registration process and basic call (VoIP). Based on the test and measurement it is found that the highest value of jitter and delay are 26.87 ms and 6.53 ms respectively, when loaded network traffic at 100Mbps. From the results, it can be concluded that the network virtualization can be implemented since the EPC elements can be configured in the cloud, and can be accessed through the public IP network.

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