ROLE OF SCHOOL IN EFFORTS TO MAXIMIZE FREE SCHOOL PROGRAM (Studies in Elementary School 1 Glass Marga, Kel. Glass Marga, Kec. Cuku Balak, Kab. Tanggamus)

Nn, Agnes Bonita (2009) ROLE OF SCHOOL IN EFFORTS TO MAXIMIZE FREE SCHOOL PROGRAM (Studies in Elementary School 1 Glass Marga, Kel. Glass Marga, Kec. Cuku Balak, Kab. Tanggamus). Digital Library.

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Free Schools Program is the Program Year 2009 BOS (BOS Centre) plus the Provincial Budgets and Budgets District with its operational base SE Mendiknas No. 23/MPN/KU/2009. The purpose of this research is to identify and describe the role and determine the factors that influence the role of these schools in an effort to maximize free school programs. In this study, the method is a qualitative research method, in which research procedures are explained, process, describe and interpret the results of research with the word order and sentence as an answer to the problem being investigated. informants in this study are: the school principal, treasurer BOS, teachers, and school committee members (parents / guardians of students). The conclusion from this study are: (1) The role of schools in an effort to maximize free school programs are: (a) The Role of Schools In Maximizing Effort Fund Allocation BOSS: The school committee meeting attended by principals, teachers and school committees. Meetings were held to determine the list of students and determine the allocation of funds will be included in budgets. Budgets that have been agreed by the meeting, made by the school principal and then principal proposed budgets to the central committee of the BOS. Teachers and school committee only supervise the process of making and submission of budgets. (B) Role of Schools In Maximizing Intake of BOS Funds effort. Intake of BOS funds can be made after notification regarding the approval of budgets from the central committee of the BOS. Intake of funds made by the treasurer of BOS. The school principal sign the withdrawal slip proof will use the exchequer, as proof of the withdrawal to take money from the post office. School principals and school committees oversee only those making process of BOS funds. (C) Efforts to Maximize the Role of Schools In the Channeling of BOS Funds. Funds that have been taken from the post office issued in accordance with budgets. Schools are responsible for the use of funds and oversee the process of channeling funds to match the budgets. (2) factors - factors that affect the school in an effort to maximize free school programs, (a) supporting factors, factors that support these schools is the social factor. It also supports them to be able to deliberate on the problems that may arise. (B) inhibiting factor; obstacle encountered at the school only a matter of time disbursement of funds. The delay resulted in school budgets can not carry out timely. Of the two factors that influence the role of the school, supporting factors have a stronger influence. Through this research, it is known that free schooling only about covering operating costs, investment costs and operating costs. Dealing with things that have been described above, especially regarding the problems arising due to inhibiting factors, schools can better prepare detailed budgets and adjust with the disbursement schedule. Of the problems that arise from different perceptions among the public with government in this free school program, the school should be more intense in menyosialosasikan free school programs to parents. As society is expected to be more wise and critical to respond to these free schools program. On the other side issues that might arise from the existence of this program should make people more aware and participate to address them in order to attain the ideals of the community will be the quality of education and quality of a good school. Keywords: Roles, Free School

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