THE ROLE OF MULI-MEKHANAI IN PROMOTING LAMPUNG TOURISM (In Relation with the Program of Visit Lampung Year 2009)

Nn, Andinna MArtadinova (2009) THE ROLE OF MULI-MEKHANAI IN PROMOTING LAMPUNG TOURISM (In Relation with the Program of Visit Lampung Year 2009). Digital Library.


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Lampung province is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has natural potential resources and cultural uniqueness, so that the Lampung province and government encourages actively in developing its tourism sector. One of the implementation of Lampung tourism promotion program is the program of Visit Lampung Year 2009, which all events are included to hold through the year of that promotion. The core event called Krakatau Festival. There are several events which support for Krakatau Festival, such as art and cultural performance, handicraft exhibition, Krakatau tour, a tour of visiting Krakatau Volcano, and the Muli-Mekhanai selection contest. Muli is a girl or not-married-yet woman of Lampung, whereas Mekhanai is for a boy. Since the first time Muli-Mekhanai contest held in 1995, many opinions have raised that the program of Muli-Mekhanai contest are not well managed. There are several differences between Lampung Muli-Mekhanai selection and other region selection. Most of events are lakes of clear conception, low achievement and good implementation the consequence, Muli-Mekhanai cannot play their role as maximum as they could in promoting Lampung tourism. So that how far the role of MuliMekhanai in promoting Lampung tourism. This research is intended to know the role of Muli-Mekhanai in promoting Lampung tourism in relation with the program of Visit Lampung Year 2009. The writer uses qualitative research method especially for interpersonal communication type that assess from competency aspects. Based on the research done the writer concluded that the Muli-Mekhanai is the icon of Lampung tourism which can be a representative for Lampung province tourism promotion. Having good competency in communicating and promoting Lampung tourism, Muli-Mekhanai can play their important expected role as a representative of their region, especially in helping the Lampung government to raise the tourism visitors by the Visit Lampung Year 2009 program.

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