Nn, Evi Afrianti (2009) AN ANALYSIS OF NEWS TEXT CONCERNING LABOR EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP IN THE DAILY NEWSPAPER KOMPAS PERIOD OF MAY 2009 ( A discourse analysis with Critical Linguistics Approach Theo Van Leeuwen). Digital Library.


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News is the facts that occurred in societies that are reconstructed by the mass media, but never identical with the reality. There are many factors that affect these facts in the reconstruction process, both internal and external factor. This is due to the reason that journalists themselves are part of certain social classes in the community who have their own views and values. Therefore, it is possible to make a conscious or unconscious bias; there are parties who will be marginalized. This might be due to the role of dominant power over need. Considering that the majority of Indonesian people who serve as industrial and migrant labor, they sometimes become the subject of a discourse in print media (newspapers). The labor’s welfare issue still arises to this day that is still being strived by the labor themselves. Since the law number 13 in the year 2003 about manpower which regulates the labor employment has been legalized, it is proven that it is not able to promote the labor’s welfare. The law itself regulates contract system which finally creates the term labor outsourcing. This system, furthermore, brings about disadvantages for the labors as commodity traded by the recruitment agencies to the companies that need them. The labor are paid low with no protection and welfare guarantee for them, because they could turn out to be unemployed when the company does not need them anymore. It is still often to occur the violations of labor’s normative rights. The government policy that legalizes labor employment that is regulated by the open market has caused weak role of a country in protecting the labor’s rights. If industrial conflict occurs, labor as the weak party tends to experience marginalization of law. This clearly shows that the system of outsourcing has created an unbalanced working circumstance between workers and entrepreneurs, in which entrepreneurs take an advantage over the labors. This shows that the government fails to promote Indonesian people welfare in general, and labors in particular. It is often in the news, that labors become the object of news report that they sometimes tend to be marginalized. This is also not apart from the capitalism system which drives almost of all economics sector including mass media. News text is performed in a profit-oriented; accommodate the favorable party in terms of political economy. This is the reason why I conduct this research. This research aims to find out the marginalization in the news concern with the labor employment in the daily newspaper Kompas period of May 2009. The method used in this research is a qualitative analysis by analyzing the text discourse through critical linguistics approach Theo Van Leeuwen. The primary data collection is then collected by documentation technique, while secondary data is obtained through searching an article from Kompas newspaper which is related to the labor matters around May 2009- April and June 2009- and also from other supporting evidences. The Results showed that the marginalization was found through language which is constructed in the news text concerns with the relation of labor employment in the daily newspaper Kompas on may 2009 based on the analysis theory Theo Van Leeuwen. It is hoped that readers would be more critical when reading the issue of labor in the newspaper. This research hopefully is beneficial for media literacy learning. Keywords: media text analysis, critical discourse analysis, labor, labor employment relationship

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