Proceeding of The 1 International Conference on Science, st Technology and Interdisciplinary Research 2015.

ICSTAR, Committee (2015) Proceeding of The 1 International Conference on Science, st Technology and Interdisciplinary Research 2015. IC-STAR 2015, The University of Lampung.

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The 1st International Conference on Science, Technology, and Interdisciplinary Research (IC-STAR) 2015 took place in Bandar Lampung, the capital city of Lampung Province, Indonesia, between September 21 and 23, 2015. IC-STAR is an interdisciplin- ary international conference covering research and development in the field of engineer- ing, life and applied sciences, medical and biomedical engineering, agriculture engineer- ing and food sciences. There were 144 pre-registered authors submitted their work in the conference. The submission was divided into regular full papers, short papers (work in progress), extended abstracts, and posters. After the double blinded peer-review process, the sci- entific committee of IC-STAR 2015 accepted and hosted 112 original research papers for oral presentation, and 6 posters. Due to inattentive reason, conclusively, the official IC-STAR abstract proceeding included 81 papers and 5 posters. During the conference, 6 distinguish keynote speakers gave their speech and presentation of their state-of-the art works in the 2 keynote sessions. In addition, 14 parallel sessions were held in order to advance and contribute to specific research areas in the field of arranged sections. The parallel sessions composed into 44 paper contri- butions and 5 posters in Engineering section, 7 contributions in Agriculture and Food Sciences, 12 contributions in Medical and Biomedical Engineering, 18 contributions in Life and Applied Sciences. IC-STAR 2015, in its inaugural arrangement, aims at creating a forum for fur- ther discussion on interdisciplinary fields of interest between academia, researchers, and their counterparts in government and industrial sectors. The objectives were to disseminate and discuss the advancements in understanding of Science, Technology and Interdisciplinary Research and their innovations. Also to gather stakeholders from academia, research institutes and industries for sharing their innovative and sustain- able ideas, collaboration and networking opportunities. Therefore, the call for paper was addressed to scholars and/or professionals in the relevant fields. Furthermore, papers focused on issues of education were also welcomed along with papers regarding the sci- ence and engineering as long as the disciplines were intersected each other. We would like to thanks the Faculty of Engineering, University of Lampung, who hosted the conference, also all members of committees, institutional partners, affil- iated journals, sponsors, and ladies and gentlemen of authors and participants who have been contributed in the IC-STAR 2015. See you again in IC-STAR 2016 Dr. Ing. Ardian Ulvan IC-STAR 2015 Conference Chair

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