Load Frequency Control (LFC) Pada Mikrogrid Menggunakan Bulk Storage Battery

Ubaidah, 1315031093 (2017) Load Frequency Control (LFC) Pada Mikrogrid Menggunakan Bulk Storage Battery. Fakultas Tehnik, Universitas Lampung. (Tidak diterbitkan)


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In electric power systems, the power generation should be balance to the power demand, otherwise the system frequency will deviate from the normal value. The frequency itself is one of the parameters that determines the quality of the supply of power system. In microgrid system, the system frequency is prone to altere due to small damping factor condition. The utilizing of Bulk Storage Battery is proposed to deal with this frequency deviation problem as a part of load frequency control. In this simulation, MATLAB SIMULINK R2014a was used and the simulated microgrid consists of several smaller wind turbines generators, diesel generator, and photovoltaic are elaborated. In the simulation, same cases are introduced. The first cases is a network with the load disconnected from the system when it without and with battery, second cases is with the network connected to microgrid and the last is network connected to the microgrid, but the photovoltaic is disconnected from the system. Based on the simulation results, it showed that the microgrid frequency with battery was more stable than without battery after changing load and release of the generators. Network frequency without microgrid was better than network frequency with microgrid when there is a change of amount of the load and generators release compared to the grid connected network. Therefore, renewable power generations in microgrid also contributes to the frequency instability in system. Keywords: Frequency, microgrid, bulk storage battery, load frequency control

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